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Proclaim bespoke training

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Eclipse Proclaim is the standard, it works, however, you know you are not getting what you thought you would out of your investment in Proclaim – Sound Familiar?

We hear this all the time, unless your team embrace your workflows, your way of working, you will not stand out from the crowd.

Proclaim when used properly will drive your business efficiency and growth.

Proclaim used well, drives consistency, enables growth, drives management information, manages process bottlenecks and allow accurate forecasting.

Using Proclaim as a very expensive word processor was not your vision when you invested in the solution.

We work with you to identify where your fee earning and management team will benefit most from custom bespoke training around your workflow, using your business language.

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Getting the best out of Proclaim relies on consistent training. Your staff know your process, they have had standard Proclaim training. You know they need now to understand how your workflow processes and the software fit.

Training your staff to work compliant workflows that use your key measures, and get their ‘buy-in’ requires a skill that transcends software, business process development.

Using our experience in Practice management and a thorough understanding of your core goals, and utilising a hybrid approach, embracing different communication styles and learning models combined with practical experience, and a dollop of common sense.

Get in touch, lets see how we can help you.

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