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Shopify stores are the standard. Talk to us about creating a bespoke Shopify store here in the UK. We pride ourselves on showcasing your products connecting to your social media marketing driving sales.

We build using your colours, your logo, your design and populate all your products.

We set your product pricing, your delivery and payment policy.

You have full control and can change any product pricing, offers or sale promotions.

We can do this for you allowing you to concentrate on running your business growth.

Talk to us to find out more.

So what is a Shopify Partner?

….and Why does that make Codeworkflow a good Shopify Partner?

You did the hard work, you created something, an idea, a product, perhaps you spotted a gap in the market. So now what?

Perhaps you have heard of Webshops, perhaps you have heard of Shopify. Now you need to turn your vision of your web store, your branding, your colours, your style and of course your products.

Well that’s us – our job is to take all of your vision and turn it into your web store. That is what we do.

We know Shopify works very well – you could say it does what it says, it takes your design, your products, and well, turns it into a Shop, an Internet Shop.

To turn your vision into reality requires expertise, and that is where Shopify Partners fit in.

We are a Shopify Partner, we want to create your Web shop

Design is the most important part of a Shopify webshop, after all you are trusting your developer, and yes we want that to be us, who you trust with your vision to create your online brand.

There are many themes to start use, some are available through Shopify, some are paid, and in truth they are all great, and with the right partner can produce amazing, in fact stunning web stores with the right design, font structure, product images and wording,

Design and Branding

Sometimes a bespoke Shopify store theme will suit your requirements. Really that depends on your design, your products, the variations, your target audience and of course your vision for how you want to present your brand.

As a Shopify partner will can design, code and create a custom Shopify theme, and we know when to use standard and free themes and when to create you the best possible web shop on line store

We create Responsive design as standard, today, everyone uses a variety of devices. It could be a computer screen, a smart television, a tablet, or a mobile phone so your Webshops in Shopify must look amazing on all devices.


Our Shopify Webshops concentrate on producing your vision to maximise conversions and ultimately your sales:

  • Your colours, your design, your fonts, and your layouts.
  • Device independent responsive design
  • Targeted content written specifically for your niche
  • SEO Search Engine Optimised to ensure your site is visible in Google SERP Search Engine Results Page
  • Extra’s, such as: contact forms, image banner carousels, video, chat, GDPR notices.
  • Social Integration, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and of course Twitter.
  • Blog postings for new content specifically for your niche

Find a Shopify Partner to build your webshop

We believe design, colour and layout is everything, we need to understand your vision before we start thinking about the technical realisation. We need to consider your style, your flair, your ideas, and of course your budget in terms of time and cost of course.

Take a look at some examples:


Your business was born of your passion, so design is everything. There is no point creating a generic Webshop or webstore that looks like everyone else’s. That said, and this is vitally important, you do need to make sure your design is simple to use, and follows all the best design principals for a Webshops webstore. Your shopping cart should be in the top right, and easy to navigate for example, your products should be easy to find, and most importantly the layout should target the demographic – so make sure you are selling coals to Newcastle!

Promotion and SEO

As a Shopify partner we specialise in Shopify marketing, specifically preparing your Webstore Webshop for SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. Taking time to prepare content in addition to product descriptions helps with Google natural listings.

This could be to assist with Google Adwords or social media campaigns, or simply relying on Google natural listings.

Being practical, talking more about your store and products will help increase your audience, and so grow your customers and increase your sales. Creating your webstore Webshops in Shopify is just the start, you need to work with your Shopify Partner to expertly market your store through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We cannot underestimate enough how fresh content and Social media updates drives traffic and conversions and ultimately sales.

Consider promotions:

  • Choosing careful keywords will help you rank in Google organically.
  • Careful planning of your Social marketing plan.
  • Google Adwords and paid Social advert campaigns.


We have spent a lot of time aggregating client surveys, comparing the market, really thinking through what we want to achieve. We want to help you – and grow a sustainable digital agency along with your growth. So – we have several options, pay a deposit and the balance on delivery with a 20% discount on our quoted price, or sign up to a payment plan, a really simple way to allow you to pay a monthly fee, taking away the stress of a big outlay as you plan your growth. Talk to us, lets work out how we can benefit your business.

Talk to us about creating your Shopify web store

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