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So, we took a moment and spoke to our existing customers, who we built their Shopify Webshops. We asked a direct question”

“Why did you hesitate to start your Webshop ?”

The common theme was pricing. They knew we would deliver a great job, but they needed to be careful with all marketing spend.

All those we spoke to, from new businesses, to existing traditional bricks and mortar, through to eBay and Amazon store owners – the common theme is the set up cost.

So what can we do about that. Well, we have a very simple idea, let’s spread the cost.

That way you have a low cost monthly budget spend for your webshop, which allows you chance to focus your marketing spend from the very start!

Of course, we need to chose who we work with, we are here to make money just like you, and for us, that comes from long relationships.

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Find out more about our new Webshop Shopify webstore pricing strategy. We have a way to make your Webshop solution affordable, whilst still letting you spend on marketing.
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