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Your website is a gateway, a shopfront, an invite to your audience, your customers to drive your business.

Many can create you a website, even upload flashy fizzy pictures, have several pages, and it may look not bad at all.
That does not mean you have a good functioning website. your website has to do three things well:

Convey your uniqueness

Promote your service or product your way

Make you rise above everyone else

Your website is important, it needs to stand out from the crowd, it needs to draw your customers to what you offer. This requires understanding you, your brand, your services through research and planning to understand your industry audience, after all they are your visitors. A website that is an expensive advert or business card will not grow your business, it needs to be more.

Once we have your goals, your ideas, we can create a content strategy ensuring we are focused on Search Engine Optimisation.

Importantly and often overlooked is the value of good copywriting, we make sure we convey your message in your language to your audience.

We have all heard the phrase a picture paints a thousand words, never has this been more true. We are visual creatures, following design principals drawn from our favourite Greek Mathematician, Euclid, Golden Ratio, presenting your products or services encapsulating the Golden Ratio of 1.618

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