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Your Workflow

your workflow our design

By taking a direct lead from you and your management team we will establish your key dates and milestones by establish a success and fail for each step.

Importantly we work with you to assist mapping your workflow visually. This speeds up agreeing all parts of the process and ensures we deliver what you want rather than what we think you want.

This becomes our spec brief to create customised workflow solution, once the the “I’s” are “dotted” and signed off development begins. Your workflow solution can include step by step process, producing letters, emails, data-capture, update notifications, as well as populating your business intelligence modelling.

Reporting your business intelligence

We work with you to establish your business reporting requirements. By ensuring we understand how you measure successes, and points of failure or process bottlenecks, we can look to create push reports highlighting just the information you need to see, not spreadsheets with thousands of rows and columns that require hours to grapple with the message.

We can present this information to your team, or we can feed into you management information system, visualising your key information the way you chose to see it. Importantly, this gives you transparency and a clear view of your management information on whatever device you require, when you require.

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