We are not here to reinvent your ‘business wheel’, quite the opposite, Codeworkflow exists to augment and support your business through empowering process change that will lead to profitable growth.

You have done the hard work, taken the risks to get your business to this point, what can we do to assist the challenge of sustainable growth.

We offer a range of services, developed with our simple goal:  

refinement of your workflow processes to achieve your sustainable growth through solid system design and implementation

Cloud portal development

The Design, development, deployment, training and cloud hosting of your bespoke CRM and workflow solution. Accessible anywhere, on any device, by who you chose. Your data securely stored and backed up automatically.


Websites every device

Web sites Mobile, Tablet, and desktop, your brand uniformly delivered


Proclaim Workflow

Analysis and design of your workflow mapped efficiently to Proclaim client matter structure and workflow. Proclaim is a big investment, you know you can get far more for your spend, let us show you how.


Proclaim bespoke training

Proclaim is a great choice for your work type, it suits your business. You know your team are not leveraging the best use of the features available, tailored training bespoke to your work type and process will grow confidence and knowledge. Diary task management, print queues, correspondence and billing.



SEO PPC facebook/Instagram Twitter marketing and promotion. Creation of your brand online, logo, email signature, website and search engine optimisation and promotion through Google and Facebook advertising to target your marketing spend efficiently.