Web shops

Crafted in Shopify
& Woo Commerce

We took a moment and spoke to our existing customers, who we have used Codeworkflow to build their Web shops in both Shopify and WordPress WooCommerce. We asked a very direct question:

“Why did you hesitate to start your online Web shop?”

The common theme was always the expectation of a high build price. The majority of those we spoke to, from new businesses, to existing traditional bricks and mortar shops, through to eBay and Amazon store owners – the common theme was the same, the set up cost.

So what can we do about that. Well, we have a very simple idea, let’s spread the cost to a low monthly payment.

That way you have a low cost monthly budget spend for your web shop, which allows you chance to focus your marketing spent where it needs to be spent from the very start!

So why choose Shopify over WooCommerce if they are competing platforms?
It all comes down to your objectives, we can craft your WordPress website and integrate your Woo Commerce store directly, that might not be the right fit for you. Shopify is an out of the box templated on line store, you can of course develop the themes to make your Shopify store more bespoke. It really comes down to what you need, our expertise will guide you.

We are a certified Shopify Partner, we can build you a beautiful web shop of course, we also can submit your webshop to all the search engines with solid technical SEO to compliment your Webshop text, articles and unique product descriptions.

Let us take the work of setting up your Web shop with your branding, your style, your products, your preferred payment gateways of course with SEO, Search Engine Optimisation.

As a Shopify partner we can migrate you from WooCommerce to Shopify, if that fits your needs.

Do you know we also specialise in crafting email marketing campaigns. We can use your current client contact lists, purchase new targeted lists, create Social Media Campaigns to encourage opted in sign up.

We know as you grow you will gather your clients email addresses, best practice is always to send two types of email to your clients or prospects, the first email type is to Showcase your new product, or price updates, and the second email type is to update and remind your clients and prospects on how your business is doing, and why they should continue to choose you.

Of course you know already all relationships need ongoing work especially Client Relationships.

We can help with all that with our Copywriting team.

We integrate with all the popular email Mail shot tools such as MailChimp and can produce standard or bespoke progress reporting.

A bit more on Shopify….

There are over 4 million Shopify stores and this continues to grow each year, there are over 2million active daily users on Shopify! That’s a big community audience!

Talk to us about creating a bespoke Shopify store here in the UK. We pride ourselves on showcasing your products connecting to your social media marketing driving sales.

We build using your colours, your logo, your design and populate all your products.

We set your product pricing, your delivery and payment policy.

You have full control and can change any product pricing, offers or sale promotions.

We can do this for you allowing you to concentrate on running your business growth.

You did the hard work, you created something, an idea, a product, perhaps you spotted a gap in the market. So now what?

Perhaps you have heard of Webshops, perhaps you have heard of Shopify. Now you need to turn your vision of your web store, your branding, your colours, your style and of course your products.

Well that’s us – our job is to take all of your vision and turn it into your web store. That is what we do.

We know Shopify works very well – you could say it does what it says, it takes your design, your products, and well, turns it into a Shop, an Internet Shop.

To turn your vision into reality requires expertise, and that is where Shopify Partners fit in.

We are a Shopify Partner & we want to create your Web shop

Design is the most important part of a Shopify webshop, after all you are trusting your developer, and yes we want that to be us, who you trust with your vision to create your online brand.

There are many themes to use out of the box, some are available through Shopify, some are paid, and in truth they are all great, and with the right partner can produce amazing, in fact stunning web stores with the right design, font structure, product images and wording, depending on your requirements we may advise creating a bespoke theme, or if your design and products fit an existing theme, we would recommend that to keep start up costs low.

Design and Branding

Sometimes a bespoke Online Webshop store theme will suit your requirements. Really that depends on your design, your products, the variations, your target audience and of course your vision for how you want to present your brand.

As a Shopify partner will can design, code and create a custom Shopify theme, and we know when to use standard and free themes and when to create you the best possible web shop on line store

We create Responsive design as standard, today, everyone uses a variety of devices. It could be a computer screen, a smart television, a tablet, or a mobile phone so your Webshops in Shopify must look amazing on all devices.

Our Shopify Webshops concentrate on producing your vision to maximise conversions and ultimately your sales:

  • Your colours, your design, your fonts, and your layouts.
  • Device independent responsive design
  • Targeted content written specifically for your niche
  • SEO Search Engine Optimised to ensure your site is visible in Google SERP Search Engine Results Page
  • Extra’s, such as: contact forms, image banner carousels, video, chat, GDPR notices.
  • Social Integration, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and of course Twitter.
  • Blog postings for new content specifically for your niche