The new Google Update: Helpful Content Update

How Google’s latest Helpful Content Update is Changing the Face of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Potentially this latest update which addresses site wide content and not just specific pages has the potential to affect a whole website. The update brings in a new signal metric for google to rank pages.

Any website content should be designed for the actual human target audience. In the past Google Algorithms have allowed for content to be written with keyword density which would assist in search engine first page positioning. Well thankfully that changes. Google’s new Helpful Content Update wants content that is meaningful for people who are searching for that topic.

Some advice on content creation considering the new Google Helpful Content Update :

  • Stick to your website or blog site’s topic.
  • Communicate your personal experience, show you know about what you are writing about.
  • Try not to have multiple not connected topics. An example could be a skin care website with a blog or category of blogs talking about holiday destinations, clearly that is off topic, and most likely due to some kind of affiliate marketing connection. If you do a Google search for skin care, do you really want to see about holiday lets?
  • Ensure your content is really meaningful, does your content answer a searchers questions, is there actual value in your content? Never write for word count, that is really not relevant. The question to ask yourself when producing content, are you leaving your searcher wanting more, will they need to do another google search to get their answer, or does your content answer what they might be searching for.
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